The much-anticipated Christmas Market in The Hague was...


... not as anticipated by the rest of the city's inhabitants, it would seem. What happened? We were in the city center on one of the busiest Christmas shopping days. Where are all the people? Just a block over, apparently. While the shopping streets were bustling, it was far quieter by the Grote Kerk. It had not escaped my notice two days before the market, as I cycled by the church, that there were no signs to indicate a Christmas market was to be held that weekend.
For the Homemade Market, there were banners at either end of the street, weeks in advance. People knew there was a market, and they planned to attend. The great number of people made it a wonderful, festive environment. The low turnout and almost-constant drizzle at the Christmas Market made for a rather dismal atmosphere. Our high expectations after the great experience at the Homemade Market only made it more disappointing.
Despite the less-than-pleasant aspects on the day of the market, I'm happy to say that the preparations for this market went more smoothly than the last. We got some cookie scoops, and that helped tremendously. The day before the market, all we had to do was pop them on the tray and into the oven. And instead of forcing Anne to hand-write a hundred cookie labels, we printed out some stickers with our logo and used those to seal the bags. Anne and Gea came over for a cookie-packing party, and before we knew it, we were done! Quite unlike last time, where the baking and packing continued well into the night.
Just like last time, we learned a lot from this experience as well. Thinking ahead to the next market, I hope to be able to streamline the process even more, and perhaps make some whole wheat sweets other than cookies! So we'll be back in the spring at the next Homemade Market, and we hope to see you there!