a spectacular day at the market!

This past Sunday, Whole Wheat Sweets participated in its very first market! With an immense amount of help from friends, we produced a fridge-full of whole wheat goodness and were completely sold out by mid-afternoon! The Home Made Market, held twice a year in the trendy Zeehelden neighborhood of The Hague, was a huge success. The sun was shining (when it felt like it) and the people were coming out en masse. And in a country where the weather can change frequently, you have to be particularly thankful when the skies stay clear throughout the day! Or any portion of the day, for that matter.

market day

Filled with excitement, we rose early on the day of the market and took care of all the last-minute preparations. With our bikes fully loaded and cookie-filled carrying cases in hand, we cycled, ever so carefully, to the market. After a bit of a quiet start to the day, the street became absolutely packed and people were constantly streaming by. Our cookie varieties were whole wheat chocolate chunk, white chocolate cranberry, mocha, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin, and we were selling them at €3 for a packet of twelve cookies. Some amongst our friends thought that this was too little, but as this was our first market, we didn't know what to expect and didn't want to price ourselves outside of the norm for a market.

the verdict

As for the verdict, the mocha cookies and the mixed bag of cookies seemed to be the most popular. Very popular, in fact! We learned a lot about the people in our area and what they like and don't like. Our Dutch customers thought the peanut butter cookies were too soft, while the Americans thought they were just right. With a bit of a mixed audience in this international city, we'll have to adjust our recipes to suit various tastes, but that sounds like a very exciting challenge to me!

with a little help from my friends

Such a wonderfully successful day would not have been possible without my little army of helpers! We had a very streamlined process and everyone had their own task; I made the dough, John shaped the cookies, I baked the cookies, and my friends Anne and Sandra helped with the labels and packaging. Anne and Gea came to the market to help out, and boy, were they ever helpful! It was a bit overwhelming at times, but they kept things perfectly on track. And how can I ever thank dear Vanessa, who is the reason we sold out so quickly! With her million-watt smile and outgoing style, she brought more attention and people over to the cookies, and they started selling like hotcakes! Or rather, like freshly baked whole wheat cookies! ;)

next time...

We got a lot of exposure for Whole Wheat Sweets, with a few people were asking whether we had a store, or whether we sold cookies online, etcetera. We don't at the moment, but that got me thinking... why not? When time is running short, particularly with the holidays coming up, it would be nice to be able to order some cookies or other small bites. This is the next project for Whole Wheat Sweets, along with a market or two, perhaps! We were very tired, but adrenaline had done a very good job of keeping us going. Earlier in the day, John had said we would "never again" be doing this sort of thing. But by the end of the day, we were planning for the next market! We learned a lot and will be doing things even better next time! Really looking forward to the next market... see you there!