whole wheat blueberry muffins

I love the tart burst of flavor when biting into these muffins. It's a much more pleasant wake-up call than an alarm clock, if you ask me. Not to mention that it's a pretty nice little breakfast when you're in a rush. Not a bad start to the day!

This recipe is adapted from the Culinary Institute of America's recipe in their book Baking and Pastry: Mastering the Art and Craft. If you don't have buttermilk, you can substitute it using regular milk and the juice of half a lemon. Squeeze the lemon juice into the milk and let it sit for a few minutes before continuing.


  • sugar 175 g 6.25 ounces
  • butter, soft 45 g 1.75 ounces
  • vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
  • eggs 3
  • buttermilk 85 mL 3 fluid ounces
  • vegetable oil 45 g 1.75 ounces
  • whole wheat flour 215 g 7.75 ounces
  • baking soda 1/2 teaspoon
  • salt 1/4 teaspoon
  • blueberries 150 g 5.5 ounces
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whole wheat flour, sugar, blueberries, lemon, milk, butter, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, baking soda and vanilla extract

Set out ingredients.

butter and sugar in bowl

Cream together butter and sugar.

Add vanilla extract.

Liquids being poured into mixture

In a separate bowl, mix together eggs, buttermilk and vegetable oil. Add liquid to creamed mixture.

whole wheat flour with salt and baking soda being poure dinto mixture

Sift together the dry ingredients and add to batter.

blueberries in muffin mixture

Fold in blueberries.

scooping batter into muffin cups

Scoop into muffin cups.

blueberry muffins fresh out of the oven

Bake at 325° F160° C for approximately 25 minutes. Enjoy!